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USA/Canada Wide Flatbed & 3PL Transportation Company Buy Mandate (Project Paragon)

Looking For Companies...

Located in:
Canada and USA

That are:
Asset Based, Non-Asset Based

That offer:
3PL Services, Flatbed, Freight Brokerage, Freight Forwarding, Intermodal

Search Criteria
The GTI Group ( to grow by acquiring both Asset-based Flatbed trucking companies and Non-asset based Freight brokerages/3PLs with the following characteristics:Non-Asset 3PL/Freight Brokerage:

  • Located anywhere in Canada & the United States
  • $10M - $100M in annual sales
  • Direct shipper relationships and an engaged management team
Asset-Based Flatbed Trucking Companies:
  • Located in Canada – Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and/or Nova Scotia
  • Located in the USA - Eastern and Central United States (east of the Mississippi) including Texas
  • Asset-Based Flatbed, Specialized and/or Heavy Haul Trucking
  • $10M - $100M in annual sales 
  • Direct shipper relationships and an engaged management team
If interested in learning more, confidentially contact our Project Leads, Nick Somos  or Peter Stefanovich 

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