Value Builder Package

Whether you want to sell your business, or just know you could, we will provide a bespoke 12 step plan to dramatically increase the value of your business


Benefits for Clients


Are you a business owner that is looking to increase the value of the business for sale or would like to it be ready for the eventual transition?  We can help you make your business ready for sale at a premium when the time is right for you.

Preparing for sale is a major complex as well as emotional reality for most business owners.  Approximately 75% of business owners are not sure or do not know their transition options and close to 50% will be transitioning in the next 5 years. You may need to start now to obtain your desired valuation.

Building their business and their P&L is the main focus of each owner, however, very few have formal education on increasing value for buyers.  The value of your business is the biggest source of wealth for you and your family and it makes economic sense to plan and prepare to maximize its market value.

Improve your business value with the Value Builder System which is designed to be an ongoing and dynamic coaching and consultative relationship.  The Value Builder System is a statistically proven method that provides a comprehensive assessment of the value of your business and for increasing the value of a company by 71%.


What Is The Return On Investment?

As an example, a company with a pre-tax profit of $500k and average Value Builder Score will generate a multiplier of 3.76 and selling price of $1.9M. With a 12-24 month consultation using the VBS methodology, the same business could be worth $3M (with a multiplier of 6). The monthly consulting fee is less than 5% of this incremental value of $1.1M.

It makes economic sense and it will give you peace of mind that you are ready to transition when the time is right. Schedule an appointment or provide your information below to get started?

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How To Get Started For A Value Builder Engagement

  1. Provide your name, email and phone number below (Get your Value Builder Score) and complete a questionnaire in 15 minutes.  If you need guidance, we can complete this together.
  2. Receive your score within 48 hours and schedule an assessment session with your Certified Value Builder to review the score, ideal answers and build an action plan (NO FEE)
  3. Start the Value Building Engagement and complete the monthly value building exercises
  4. Progress will be monitored on the Value Builder System
  5. Assess increased score in 12 months and determine next steps

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