Left Lane Associates is Canada's Premier Transportation Growth & Advisory Company

About Left Lane Associates

Left Lane Associates is a premier transportation mergers and acquisition advisor company founded in 2015 by Mike McCarron, award-winning writer, M&A advisor, and former owner of industry renowned MSM Transportation.

Why Us?

  • We are a product based solution advisor, NOT a consulting company (hourly billing).
  • We believe that good companies don’t get sold, they get bought. You’ll never get top dollar for a business that’s on the auction block. It’s nearly impossible to negotiate the best deal once you’ve announced you are selling your business.
  • We find what best sets you apart from the industry and define that brand. Your brand is the bridge between your customers’ and your employees’ experience.
  • We find the right fit for your company, not the quickest fit. Not everyone is ready to sell, but we create an environment where the buyer comes to you when they are ready.
  • We give you the tools and time to work ON your business, not IN your business. Working on customer service and other daily activities doesn’t help you build and brand your business to allow successful acquisitions (both selling and buying).
  • We provide a full range of services beyond buying and selling advisory roles. If you aren’t ready to buy or sell, we can help your company get in an optimal position for either buying/selling when the time comes.
  • We personalize and template the process to allow you the time and capacity to keep running and growing your business while we work towards finding a successful result for you and your company.

Meet The Left Lane Team

Left Lane Associates - Mike McCarron

Mike McCarron


Mike McCarron, President of Left Lane Associates is a “Proven Maverick” with over 33 years of experience chasing skids in the Canadian transportation scene.

Mobile: +1 (416) 931-7212
Office: +1 (416) 551-6651 Ext. 1
E-Mail: mike@leftlaneassociates.ca

Peter Stefanovich - Left Lane Associates

Peter Stefanovich

Managing Partner

Peter Stefanovich is a detail-orientated, relationship builder in the logistics field who has developed a wide range of skills across his successful ventures in the public & private sectors in Canada & the USA.

Mobile:+1 (647) 620-4745
Office: +1 (416) 551-6651 Ext. 2
Email: peter@leftlaneassociates.ca

4 Quick Questions About Us

What Do We Do?

Left Lane Associates specializes in helping transportation companies strategically grow organically and through mergers and acquisitions (both Buy and Sell).

How Do We Do It?

We use our proven probability model to help build our clients’ business and get them primed to sell and/or buy new companies, with help from our cutting-edge proprietary technology made specifically for the logistics industry.


For Who?

We represent logistics companies of all sizes who are looking to grow, sell and/or buy new businesses.

What Do We Bring?

With our combined 40 years of industry experience, we are trusted, vested, Canadian transportation leaders.
We use technology based strategic solutions unique to each customer to produce measurable results using Canada’s largest logistics database, unique probability model and out of the box marketing.


Left Lane Associates had been integral in advising us on how to modernize our brand and streamline our business systems.
Greg & Brad Grimes

MGA International Logistics
We have only great words to say about Left Lane Associates. Their knowledge and experience in the transportation field is unprecedented. Thank you for helping our company thrive and grow.
Manny Speranza

The FBI Group