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Project Blue

A family-owned leading Midwest trucking company with over 400 power units specializing in next-day LTL delivery of palleted freight and nationwide LTL services.

Looking For Companies...

Located in:
Mid-West USA - Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Indiana.

That are:
Asset Based

That offer:
Dry Van, LTL

Search Criteria
Family-owned Mid-West LTL Carrier with over 400 power units looking to grow by acquiring similar Asset Based LTL Carriers with the following characteristics:

  • Vertical Specialization in Dry Van LTL operations
  • Located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan and/or Indiana
  • $5M to $50M in annual sales
  • Great brand recognition and customer loyalty
If interested in learning more, confidentially contact our Project Leads, Alex Osypiuk or Peter Stefanovich

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