Sell Retainer

Our Sell Retainer Package is Ideal for Business Owners Looking to Sell Their Business & Maximize Profit!


Sell Retainer Philosophy

We use technology based strategic solutions/tools unique to each customer to produce measurable results using Canada’s largest logistics database, unique probability model and out of the box marketing to sell your company.

  • Good companies are bought, not sold.
  • Planning early can add millions of dollars to the enterprise value for even the smallest companies.
  • Leverage is the most important component in maximizing what ends up in your jeans.
  • Auctioning your company is like waving a white flag and surrendering to you key stakeholders. They are very risky!
  • Too many entrepreneurs are afflicted by the Dreaded D’s before getting ready to sell – Death, Divorce, Disease or a D*ck Partner!
  • Professional athletes require agents because contract negotiations get personal. Selling your business is no different!