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Project Photon

A third-party yard management specialist operating in over 500 work sites in Canada and the USA with asset-based spotting and shuttling services.

Looking For Companies...

Located in:
Canada and USA

That are:
Asset Based, Spotting/shunting

That offer:
Shuttling, Spotting/shunting

Search Criteria
Lazer Logistics ( is looking to grow by acquiring stand-alone spotting/shunting operators or spotting/shunting divisions of larger carriers with the following characteristics:

  • Asset-based spotting/shunting companies or divisions
  • Located in Canada and the USA
  • Offers trailer spot moves within a yard or shuttling services within 100 air milers of customers' sites
  • $5M - $100M in annual sales
  • Dedicated employee and management team with growth mindset
<<<Check out the infographic here>>> If interested in learning more, confidentially contact our Project Leads, Peter Stefanovich or Alex MacKinnon

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